Celebrity-Chef-Pete-Evans-1Apart from interior designers, professional chefs are among the best-placed people in the world who can give an expert opinion about kitchen space. People like world renowned celebrity chef Pete Evans can give the most reliable expert opinions concerning functionality and utility of cooking spaces. He can testify that having a kitchen is much more than a stunning backsplash and gorgeous cabinets.

Whether you reside in a small space on the outskirts of a city or in a high-rise building, having a well-designed kitchen will provide efficiency and produce minimal clutter. If you are hunting for commercial kitchen designs, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) recommends that you take a look at the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) to know what requirements should be met in terms of permits, approval, and standards.

You can integrate the below design tips to come up with a good kitchen renovation plan that will achieve the creation of more space to work in and high functionality. Keep in mind that form follows function when designing a kitchen. Do not confuse the two.

Identify a Focal Design Point

Shift you focus to a particular focal point and add more input like eye-pleasing accessories to complement the design. Fancy kitchen floors, bright cabinets, charming countertop patterns, as well as widespread range hoods are among the things that will appeal to the eye.

Consider Countertops

If you cook regularly, then you will find more countertop space especially sandwiched between the kitchen range and the sink. Those who cook regularly will require as much space as Pete would have when shooting a commercial cooking program on TV. His kitchen would probably be complex as compared to one that hosts five family members.

You should also consider having two different heights for the countertops so that baking will not be strenuous for short members in your family like kids. Kids love to assist in the kitchen and making countertops reachable will see their helping efforts appreciable.

Get Rid of Waste Steps

Grow creative and get rid of unnecessary human movement in your kitchen. For instance, place the breakfast bowls near the breakfast table. Major flatware and dishware should be placed near the dishwasher to reduce time and energy utilized when offloading. Wraps and plastic containers should also be placed in a convenient spot especially near the area you do most of the cooking activities.

Have Wide and Convenient Walkways

Livable Housing recommends that paths in your kitchen should be at least 36” wide for ideal movement. During planning, adjust the kitchen islands and peninsulas accordingly.

Direct Kitchen Traffic

For the safety of your kids, cooktop should be kept far from normal traffic ways in your kitchen. This will prevent both intended and unintended accidents that kids can have by touching handles when playing or running through the kitchen.

Additionally, have the refrigerator placed strategically in an area where everyone can access it with ease. Also, make sure that you choose colours that add life to your kitchen over those that make a room look smaller.